February 19, 2019


Kap G Does ASMR with Signature Mexican Candy, Talks Clout Chasin' and New Music

Since stepping on the scene in 2013 with his debut single "Tatted Like Amigos" featuring Chief Keef, 24-year-old rapper Kap G has shown nothing less than pure success; the Mexican rapper has been featured on XXL 2017 Freshman List, collaborated with many including Gunna and Wiz Khalifa, and is currently on The Role Model Tour with Young Dolph. Busy man, right? 

With touring from city to city and working on new projects, let alone growing his career, the rapper still makes time to utilize his voice on political issues especially those revolving around immigration and "the wall." Late 2018, Kap released "A Day Without A Mexican" which calls out President Trump's lack of understanding and unfair treatment of Mexican immigrants. 

"F--k the wall, I just feel like with everything going on, people gotta hear it from out point of view," Kap whispered to Fuse in the latest episode of Mind Massage. 

Even with the success of his growing career, we were able to take him back to his childhood with some signature Mexican candy which he used to create some profit back in the day.

"I honestly used to sell these back in the day for like 25, 50 cent," the "Girlfriend" rapper says.

Looking towards the future, Kap does let us know that there is new music on the way, however there's no clout chasin' in 2019, so don't expect him to collaborate with just anybody. 

"I think it's cool collaborating with artists, but I feel like y'all gotta rock with each other. Like if I'm collaborating with somebody, I gotta rock with their music."

Check out the rest of the video to get the ultimate tingles from candy wrappers and see the rapper get lit with matches that ends......well you'll see.