Ally Brooke Does ASMR with Maracas, Talks "Low Key" Video and Going Solo

Ally Brooke Does ASMR with Maracas, Talks "Low Key" Video and Going Solo

Low key, low key, you should really get to know Ally Brooke. Because she isn’t just a talented singer—she’s pretty talented at ASMR too. 

Ally Brooke has had a whirlwind year. Nearly a year ago, in March 2018, the members of Fifth Harmony announced that they were going on a hiatus so they could pursue their on solo careers. By then, the Texas-born-and-raised singer had already hopped on “Look At Us Now,” a Lost Kings track also featuring A$AP Ferg and collaborated with German DJ Topic on “Perfect.” And in November of last year, she gave a show-stopping performance of another new track “Vámonos” at the ALMA awards (presented by Fuse). 

As much success as she gained as a member of a group it’s clear that embarking on this new journey as a solo artist has imbued her with a new found spark and confidence that could only come from herself.

“Making my music video for the first time as a solo artist has been so exhilarating for me, so liberating,” Brooke told Fuse in the latest episode of Mind Massage. 

“I’m so excited to have my first debut single out in the world,” she said of her track “Low Key,” while swirling and jangling a bunch of keys. “I worked so hard on it. It took months and months and months to finally find that record that I felt identified with me so strongly. Everything about the record inspired me and I knew that it was mine the moment I heard it.”

Watch the rest of the video to hear some inspiring words from Ally about how music brings color to the world—and to hear some seriously satisfying AMSR with lip gloss, chalk, and a makeup brush.