Dave East Does ASMR with Slime, Talks 'Survival,' Fatherhood and More!

Dave East Does ASMR with Slime, Talks 'Survival,' Fatherhood and More!

Dave East's motto should be "cant stop, wont stop" because he truly is never not working. Rappers who come from the Big Apple come with a different type of hustle and swagg that is unmatched, and the 'Survival' rapper definitely is one of them. Dave East brings both the motivation as well as the tenacity when it comes to music.

While his passion is music, his priority is his daughter, and East manages to make both being a father and an all-star musician look easy! Above all else, he is dedicated to providing for his family, and the rapper dropped some tips on fatherhood in our latest Mind Massage.

"A key to surviving fatherhood is patience," he whispers to Fuse. "I got to be real patience with my daughter."

In case you're living under a rock, East just dropped his debut album 'Survival' which fans have been listening to nonstop. He also was able to bring some of the hottest artist onto his debut studio album such as Teyana Taylor, The Dream, Nas and even Max B, who is currently incarcerated. 

"I always was a fan of Max B, we have mutual friends from just being in Harlem. That was the first time we collab'd, so that was dope. I don't know how he recorded it jail, but he did...The Max feature was special," the "Wanna Be A G" rapper whispered. 

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