November 26, 2019


Big Boi & His Mom Share Their Favorite Southern Meal Together

Artists and their families share the love and feed the soul with a home-cooked meal. In this episode, Big Boi and his mom Rowena cook up a southern family favorite, shrimp and grits. Mom’s key to cooking? Eyeball it. Big Boi’s key to success? Reinvention. They talk about putting the finishing touches on his latest album, discovering new artists, and keeping his hands in everything, from movies to cartoons, even socks. Plus, with his kids off to college, Big Boi opens up on his life as an empty nester and how he copes. Grab a seat at the table as these artists share their personal stories and the special meaning behind their menu.

Made From Scratch begins Tuesday October 15 at 11PM only on Fuse