May 29, 2019


Yungblud Talks 'Parents' & Pet Peeves While Releasing Stress At The Wrecking Club

YUNGBLUD is one of those artists who is never not working. One day he's working on a remix with Halsey and Travis Barker to "11 Minutes", the next he's releasing his new single 'Parents,' and then he's on the next stop of his a world wide tour. So here at Fuse we asked ourselves, does the '21st Century Liability' artist ever get time to woosah and break some shit? Turns out it was time to get him in for some 'Wreckreation', our new show where wrecking and relaxing are pretty much the same thing. 

During our first round of 'Wreckreation', we asked the "Medication" artist to share some of his pet peeves, and they were extremely relatable. From not understanding personal space to turmeric shots, the England native had no issue with telling us about the things that piss him off—all while breaking shit!

While some like to think the 21-year-old "doesn't know much and disrespects the older generation," he tells us his favorite thing is "proving people wrong". The "California" songwriter showed the haters and naysayers exactly how he felt in the wrecking room. Make sure you watch to the end to see why were saying "R.I.P"

With such raw, heart-touching lyrics, we understand why the 21-year-old has such a close relationship with his million of fans. At shows, he often takes a moment to appreciate his fans while making sure he creates a space where they can be themselves because he remembers a time when he couldn't.

Who else needs to release some stress in a wreck room after a long day? Make sure you go listen to 'Parents' and be sure to check out more of your favorite artists on our YouTube channel!