Boogie Does ASMR with Food, Talks Being Signed To Eminem and "Everythings for Sale"

Boogie Does ASMR with Food, Talks Being Signed To Eminem and "Everythings for Sale"

From the real life raw lyrics, to the swag, to the constant West Side rep there's something really special about West Coast rappers. Compton bred artist, Boogie, stands on the shoulders of legendary rap kings such as Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, YG, Nipsey HussleIce Cube, and many more. The "Rainy Days" rapper stepped on the rap scene in 2014 releasing mixtapes, which eventually caught the attention from Detroit-bred rapper Eminem and Shady Records.

"I get a phone call from my A&R Tim Glover...and like the next two days I was in Detroit, talking to Eminem and he was just telling me how he was a fan of my project and he wasn't trying to change nothing, and that he would give me creative control," the "Silent Ride" rapper whispers as he plays with M&Ms. 

From selling mixtapes to being signed to Eminem's record label, to headlining his first tour, Boogie is the ultimate full circle story. 

"This is my first time that I get to treat the opening acts like a hoe, like everybody else treating me when I opened for them. I want everyone to buy tickets, even my mother," the "Soho" rapper jokes while eating an apple. 

His Shady Records debut album features Eminem, 6lack, J.I.D and many more, showing that the young rapper is force to be reckoned with. Watch the full clip above to see Boogie experiment with shaving cream, a red bandana, and more!