March 11, 2019


Tayla Parx Does ASMR with a Cactus, Talks Gender and Genre-Bending Album

Tayla Parx is a powerhouse of talent. The 25-year-old actress-turned-songwriter-turned-pop-star has penned some of this year’s biggest tracks like Normani and Khalid’s “Love Lies” and “High Hopes” by Panic! at the Disco, demonstrating an uncanny ability to work with artists and turn their experiences into hit songs. She is also responsible for penning Ariana Grande's chart-smashing anthem “thank u, next,” cementing her role as a hitmaker—and she’s just getting started. 

After working with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, BTS, Camila Cabello, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna (among others), Tayla Parx is embarking on her own career as a pop singer with her new album We Need to Talk dropping next month. The “I Want You” singer has already built up her fanbase by bringing her signature style and creativity to other artists’ work, and now she’s bringing that uncanny skill to her own work, proving she’s can masterfully pair a catchy tune with authentic lyrics—and thrive anywhere. 

“You just gotta bloom wherever you decide to get planted,” she told Fuse in our latest episode of Mind Massage. Watch the full video to hear about gender-reversal and genre-reversal in her album and see her do some real spine-tingling ASMR with a cactus, toy bus, and lotion among other things.