March 14, 2019


Greyson Chance Shows Us His DMs, Talks His "Redemptive" Album, and #NoBoys2K19

We all know know the story. Boy goes viral. Boy goes on Ellen. Boy becomes international sensation. But what comes after? Greyson Chance is finding out. 

At the tender age of 21, the "shut up" singer has experienced the highest highs and lowest lows of navigating extreme fame and the music industry, which has left him with a striking degree of wisdom and poise. It takes a certain kind of strength to be able to make it through fame, adolescence, and coming out as gay—and a certain kind of artistry to take those experiences and channel it into catchy, dynamic, moving music.

After briefly walking away from the music industry after realizing he wasn’t happy with his career and life, Chance returned and began making the music he wanted to make. The result is portraits, his upcoming album that truly marks Chance coming into his own as an artist. 

“I’ve been in music for a really long time, but I think finally I’m starting to do things on my own terms,” Chance told Fuse recently. The “timekeeper” artist stopped by Fuse and let us Slide into his DMs, and boy, were those messages sure were illuminating. Watch the full video to find out his favorite DM and why his vibe for 2019 is #NoBoys2K19.