February 14, 2019


Casanova Takes a Lie Detector Test: Does He Google Himself?

You’d be hard-pressed to find a rapper as real as Casanova. In an industry full of hype and braggadocio, the Flatbush emcee cuts through with a refreshing air of humility and authenticity. His tracks are raw and aggressive, but there is no word of his that’s out of place or unearned. 

Casanova burst into the rap game with his 2016 song “Don’t Run.” The track instantly became a hit, shaking up the NYC scene, and that’s when Casanova realized he had no choice but to continue pursuing music. By this time he had served almost eight years in prison, and now that he was a free man, he knew 1) he never wanted to go back and 2) music was the best way to stay out and stay legit. 

It’s these experiences that imbue Cas’ hard-hitting style and give him his trademark ability to be genuine. So you can imagine that fake rappers don’t exactly sit well with him. 

“My biggest thing is if you trynna rap, stay away from the rap beef,” he advised Fuse.

“A lot of people’s not really living what they rap about, so you might get a rapper that’s like, ’It go down, it go down, I’mma kill you, you kill me.’ Then shit go down and they just be on stand like listen all these [expletive] did it right here.” 

We sat down with Casanova and hooked him up to a lie detector test to see if he really is that real. And turns out he’s so real, he stumped the lie detector test itself. Check out the video to see if he would play the Super Bowl despite supporting Colin Kaepernick, and who he would save if Lil Xan, Lil Pump, and Lil Bow Wow were all trapped in a well. 

The "2AM" rapper also dropped a little hint to us before he left his Lie Detector test...his EP Free At Last  is dropping on 2/15