Lauren Jauregui Opens Up About Her New Album and Growing as an Artist After Fifth Harmony

It’s astonishing how wise Lauren Jauregui is. She’s barely into her 20s, but she thinks and speaks well beyond her age. Not every 22 year old can so candidly reflect on vulnerability, sexuality, politics, codependent relationships, and personal growth, but then again, Lauren Jauregui isn’t the average 22-year-old. 

The Miami native has already spent nearly a third of her life in the spotlight. She first catapulted to stardom in 2012 at age 16, when she auditioned for The X Factor, and where she was recruited to form a new girl group: Fifth Harmony. But you know that story. 

Since Fifth Harmony went on hiatus last year, Jauregui has hit the ground running as a solo artist, dropping her debut single “Expectations,” a sultry, soulful track perfectly fit for her powerhouse voice as well as a cheeky nod to the expectations she faces as she embarks on this new chapter in her career. Just one month after dropping the track, she hit 15 million global streams. 

But leave it to Jauregui to keep a cool head about it and just keep grinding. “I’ve giving myself a life time to accomplish my goals,” she told Fuse in an exclusive interview. “My goal is to continue to grow as an artist and to continue to say my truth.” 

While Jauregui was part of one of the biggest girl groups since Destiny’s Child, going triple platinum, posting a top 10 track, and winning several awards, eventually she realized she needed to work on herself and figure out who she was and what she wanted. 

“I realized this year that I was so consumed by working and being part of a group that I didn’t at all get to figure out who I was as an individual.” But that has since changed. Check out the full interview and hear Jauregui open up about some of the things she’s been working through like codependent relationships, and learning to give as much as you take and take as much as you give.