November 20, 2018


Juicy J Talks Travis Scott Collab, Staying Genuine, and Being Prince's Number One Fan

Juicy J has been a mainstay of hip hop for decades, but that doesn’t mean he stays the same. 

“I feel like everybody should evolve,” he told Fuse. “If you stayin’ the same, then you crazy as hell.” 

The Memphis native established himself in the early 90s as a founding member of Three 6 Mafia, a groundbreaking and influential group whose legacy still shapes hip hop today. Despite the fact that his early music is still finding its way into newcomers’ sounds in 2018, it’s not like he’s resting on his laurels—he’s constantly reinventing himself.

Just last year, when the “Who Run It Challenge” went viral and every rapper was putting out bars over an old Three 6 Mafia beat, Juicy J joined in, putting out a brand new freestyle over the very beat he originated 18 years ago. So what makes Juicy J able to keep growing and reinventing himself? Being genuine. 

“You know being genuine is more important to me being in this music business,” he says. You’ll be around here forever if you’ll just be a genuine person. Just do what you do and don’t worry about what this person’s doing, you know?”

He stopped by the Fuse studio for an interview as part of our “A Seat With…” series. Watch the full video to see how his collaboration with Travis Scott "Neighbor" happened, what’s next for Juicy J, how he comes up with his signature crazy ad-libs, and being Prince’s number one fan.