July 25, 2018


Young M.A Goes Puppet, Talks Whitney Houston, Barbers & Hand Washing

In this installment of The Hollywood Puppet Show edition of Rant and RaveYoung M.A sits down and discusses Whitney Houston, enjoying the moment, and how barbers always do the most.

"Barbers be doing too much man. They be wanting to finesse everything," the rapper says. "You be like, 'yo I just want a regular shape up with a little fade on the side.' And then they just start like doing some magician stuff." 

The 26-year-old also raved about Whitney Houston. "I love Whitney Houston... I just always thought she was just a great talent," says Young M.A. Watch her rant and rave in full above. 

Below, get familiar with the cast member and watch her reveal how she lost weight, being a pescatarian and talks standing out in male-dominated industry while mixing up a home-cooked meal with her grandma.

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