July 30, 2018


Taylor Girlz Take A Lie Detector Test: Have They Ever Wanted To Go Solo?

Since the viral success with of their #StealHerManChallenge and #WedgieInBootyChallenge the Taylor Girlz have no plans of stopping soon. The sisters–who have over 800K followers on Instagram–sat down with Fuse in celebration of Hip-Hop at 45, to take a lie detector test lead by each other. 

"I need to get one of these for the house, so I can really figure out some more stuff," Daysha says.

The sisters, who have worked with Kap G, Rae Sremmurd, and Silento, have also over 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube generating over 200 million video views. 

Watch the video above to see if the Taylor Girlz like working together or if they want to go solo.

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