July 20, 2018


Tierra Whack Keeps Her Creative Juices Flowin' With Magic

Backstage at The Firefly Artist Lounge, Tierra Whack and her favorite DJ–Zach!– met up with Hip-Hop Houdini magician, Smoothini–to keep her high energy and creative juices flowing before her second set at Firefly Music Festival 2018

The Philly native began her career as Dizzle Dizz in 2011 and has spit in front of artists such as Meek Mill and A$AP Rocky. Eventually, she changed her name to Tierra Whack and began creating unique, creative music that more resembled her. 

The artist–who has been gaining traction from her debut album Whack World–also chatted about her post set mode and her love for music.

"I just like the freedom I get [from music], like just being able to say and do whatever the f--k I want," Whack says.

Like one of her many idols –Lauryn Hill–Whack doesn't put herself in a specific box when it comes to music. Hill is known to jump from R&B, Hip-Hop, and Reggae. Recently, Whack was able to preform with the incomparable–Ms Lauryn Hill–during her Philadelphia stop of Hill's 20th year anniversary tour of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. After opening for her, Tierra took to her Instagram saying that "she is living proof that anything is possible." 

Be sure to check out the video above to see what mathematic magic trick Smoothini plays with the rising artist and her favorite DJ. Check out more of Fuse's Firefly Music Festival 2018 coverage here.

Below, massage your mind with Tierra Whack as she tries ASMR, explains Whack World, and her love for fruit salad. Also watch all-new episodes of Hip-Hop Houdini here and Tuesdays at 10PM only on Fuse. Find your channel finder here.