July 5, 2018


Big Daddy Kane Talks Artist Longevity, Favorite Era of Hip-Hop & More

Sitting as one of the most influential rappers in the game, Big Daddy Kane graced Fuse studios with his presence as a part of Hip-Hop at 47 to discuss being one of the pioneers, artist longevity and calling rappers "old school." 

"It's funny how in hip-hop music... Madonna would be considered a legend in rock'n'roll, Aerosmith would be considered legends, but in hip-hop people such as myself or LL Cool J would be considered old school," says the triple threat artist. "And I think that that's a label people put on artists in hip-hop to create an expiration date."

When it comes to artist longevity, the hip-hop legend says he worries about today's talented rappers. "They don't really understand the business or the life of other hip-hop artists that came before them. If there was a way to bridge that gap, where an older generation could connect with the younger generation just to build with them, to talk and school them about this thing hip-hop. They can learn from the great things we did and the mistakes that we made."

Watch the full interview above where the legend also shares his favorite era in the genre and what hip-hop turning forty-five means to him.