June 5, 2018


'Social Fabric' Styles: Miguel Larios' Camo Skater Look

As Social Fabric sadly wraps up its first season tonight on Fuse, host Kyle Ng heads to various cities around the world for a closer look at camo-inspired designs. In the final installment of My Styles, we meet Los Angeles streetwear legend Miguel Larios.

The U.S. Alteration co-founder is known for flipping surplus camo into dope designs. "I probably have all the American stuff, all European, some Japanese...My favorite kind of camo is the Woodland."

With an affinity for simple, all-American looks, Larios explains that his go-to outfit is a white t-shirt, vintage eyewear, and a pair of classic Vans.

"I'm wearing socks 'cause I knew I was going to [skateboard]!" he grins.

Below, watch Larios give a personal tour of his extensive sneaker collection: