June 5, 2018


'Social Fabric' Closet Tours: Kickin' It With Miguel Larios

This week's season finale of Social Fabric features the one and only Miguel Larios, a Los Angeles legend known for flipping surplus camo into edgy streetwear. Giving show host Kyle Ng a personal tour of his closet, Larios revealed that he's also all about a mean shoe game.

Showing off his closet of kicks, the U.S. Alteration co-founder has a pair of sneakers for nearly every mood and occasion—from classic Vans to retro Jordan colorways.

To prove just how legit he is, Larios pulled out a pair of ultra-rare, vintage Vans Breakers a.k.a. breakdancing shoes.

"We should wear them with some camo and style it, you know? Like, tucked in with the little velcro thing sticking out," he jokes.

Below, check out a closet tour from mixologist/entrepreneur Daniel K. Nelson, who loves his shades: