June 15, 2018


Nick Grant Skydives in VR, Explains Favorite Storyline on 'Dreamin' Out Loud'

Returning with the follow-up to his Return Of The Cool debut, Nick Grant recently released his latest Dreamin' Out Loud project stacked with tracks. The skilled MC stopped by Fuse for a virtual reality check all while discussing the 14-track album and how it feels to be in the conversation of some of the greatest MCs.

With a virtual reality headset over his eyes, the lyricist dives into his latest "full of dynamic storylines" project. Admitting his fear of heights and virtually sitting on a plane filled with men equipped to skydive, Grant discusses his favorite storyline on the mixtape. 

"My favorite storyline is about black women and the women that raised me in my life," says the 29-year-old before to asking to be thrown out the airplane. "You know all women in general, but, you know, this was me just basically being therapeutic about the women that helped changed my life and raised me."

The South Carolina native also touches on the current state of hip-hop, how it took a while for him to adjust to the "state of the game" and his fans comparing him to other heavy-hitter rappers like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar

Watch Grant try to conquer his fear of heights and go through one hell of a VR experience above. Below, throw it back to 2013 when J. Cole explained being "really hurt" by negative reactions to single "Let Nas Down."