May 22, 2018


'Social Fabric' Styles: Dee Snider's Rock Star Aesthetic

If there's one thing Dee Snider knows a whole lot about, it's being a certified rock star—and looking the part. The metal vocalist and former Twisted Sister frontman gave Social Fabric host Kyle Ng an exclusive look at his unique style in the latest installment of My Styles.

"I'm a strange amalgam of rock star, heavy metal, God, biker, pirate," he explains. "You wanna look down and dirty, but meanwhile, my jeans are, like, a thousand bucks?"

Noting his "old-school, simple" tank top and affinity for skull rings, Snider shouted out the biker community for significantly shaping the rock star look.

"That's as old as Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, but also going way back to the original bikers, the pirates. You start there with the skulls and crossbones, and you get rock star-biker-pirate-rock god," Snider says.

Below, check out a personal closet tour from mixologist/entrepreneur Daniel K. Nelson: