May 8, 2018


'Social Fabric' Host Kyle Ng's Cool Things: Tokyo's Tobi Pants

As this week's episode of Social Fabric examines how everyday pants are elevated from boring bottoms to fashion forward looks, host Kyle Ng hits the streets of Tokyo for a lesson on the tobi pant.

A decades-old garment crafted by the city's construction workers, tobi pants truly combine form and function. "These are for the workers of Japan. I mean, personally, I would wear these everyday," Ng says, twirling in his checkered twill plaid trousers.

Describing his tobi pants as "comfortable, easy and relaxing," Ng raved about their ease of mobility. While he doesn't quite understand how the pants assist in construction work, he admits they make him feel some type of way.

"I kinda wanna write some strange Japanese poetry when I wear these," he muses.

Below, watch how the Arktis camo pant combines form and functionality: