May 29, 2018


'Social Fabric' Host Kyle Ng's Cool Things: Sunday Best

This week's episode of Social Fabric explores the earliest forms of lifestyle clothing: religious threads. From Sunday church get-ups to contemporary Muslim-inspired streetwear, Kyle Ng dives into the stories behind today's most striking sacred threads.

Modeling his "Sunday best," Ng emphasizes the importance of bringing out your finest clothing for that one special day of the week. "Sunday's best suit is cool because you could really just dress in anything you want, as long as you look your best."

Featuring a ticking stripe, elephant details, and an impressive number of pockets, Ng's suit allows for both style and versatility. Outside of church, this look can also be worn at dances, on boats, and at a variety of other functions.

Below, watch legendary metal vocalist Dee Snider explain his eclectic blend of biker, pirate and rock star: