May 7, 2018


'Social Fabric' Host Kyle Ng's Cool Things: DIY Pants

Who knew people could get so creative with pants?

This week's all-new Social Fabric episode starring Kyle Ng focuses on all things pants—and how designers around the world have reinvented them. Meet Nick Sethi, an artist and photographer who isn't afraid to push limits. Using a subject's own body as literal inspiration, he creates custom, DIY pants that are also, well, revealing.

"These pants are cool to me because not everyone will have my body on them," Ng jokes, modeling his hairy look.

Featuring bunions, warts, knees and leg hair, Ng's custom pants certainly force passersby to do a double take.

"Designing your own pants is the future for everyone to do it their own way. Just like technology has let people make their own music at their house, people will be able to design their own clothing," Ng explains.

Below, find out about English brand Arktis' unique blend of military grade camo and skateboard fashion: