May 7, 2018


'Social Fabric' Host Kyle Ng's Cool Things: Arktis Pants

This week's episode of Social Fabric starring Kyle Ng spotlights all the ways in which boring, everyday pants are transformed into one-of-a-kind creations around the world. In a new edition of Kyle's Cool Things, Ng jet sets to Exeter, England, where he tries on Arktis camo pants. 

While Arktis is known for its military grade camo pants that help clients literally blend into their surroundings, the brand also produces more streetwear-focused pieces. In a collaboration with London skateboard brand Palace, Arktis dropped a slimmer, more tailored version of its military pant.

"These pants are great because they're lightweight. They're military grade. These were made for skateboarding, which I love to do," Ng explains. "This is a standard UK military pattern called DPM."

Disruptive Pattern Material, DPM was the official camo pattern of the British Armed Forces before being phased out and replaced by Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP).

Below, watch Ng get up close and personal with DIY pants: