May 15, 2018


'Social Fabric' Closet Tours: Daniel K. Nelson's Sunglasses

Having standout style and taste is nothing new to Daniel K. Nelson, mixologist and avid collector of sunglasses. In a fresh installment of Closet ToursSocial Fabric host Kyle Ng pokes around Nelson's extensive array of shades.

"Sunglasses speak to me because it's the first thing that people see. It's a great way to just really express yourself. It's an instant way to change up your style," he explains. "You can really play a character very easily with your sunglasses."

Showcasing his favorite versatile pair of sunglasses, Nelson urged viewers to wear what makes them comfortable rather than what they assume is trendy. Whether it's pairing shades with a gold suit or shaking up a cocktail behind the bar, it's obvious Nelson is all about making an impression.

Below, check out a closet tour from designer and jacket enthusiast Jeff Hamilton: