April 23, 2018


'Social Fabric' Host Kyle Ng's Cool Things: Japan's Punk Leather Jackets

The return of the NAMIC Award-winning series Social Fabric hits Fuse Tuesday, May 1, and it's all about the leather jacket. Host/designer Kyle Ng visits cities across the globe to examine different cultures' adaptations of the classic silhouette, including Japan's punk leather jacket.

In the clip above, Ng travels to Koenji, a district in Tokyo, where he links up with punk shop owner Koh. Inspired by the UK 82 street punk movement, Koh's punk leather jacket is known for its lack of sleeves but ample amount of innovation and detail.

Also deemed a "once-owned second skin," the punk leather jacket reflects Japan's knack for innovation and creativity.

"When they wear their jackets, it's a very crusty, weird, fucked up way that they do it," Ng explains. "You'll see patches. You'll see bands' names. They basically take leather jackets and rework them to make it their own."

Below, watch LA designer Jeff Hamilton take custom leather outerwear to a whole new level with bespoke patches, satin lining and bold designs: