April 16, 2018


'Social Fabric' Host Kyle Ng's Cool Things: Champion Jacket

The NAMIC Award-winning series Social Fabric finally returns to Fuse Tuesday, May 1 with an episode dedicated to the classic leather jacket. Host Kyle Ng links up with bikers in Brooklyn, punk rockers in Japan, and designers in Los Angeles to scope out the flyest leather jackets on the planet.

In the clip above, Ng tries on a coveted Jeff Hamilton champion leather jacket. A custom outerwear designer based out of LA, Hamilton "developed a private line of custom jackets primarily for athletes and entertainers" and has created looks for MadonnaMichael Jackson, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and more.

"I love this jacket because it's all about being a champion," Ng says as he models his threads. "These jackets are only worn by champions—Shaq, Kobe, Michael Jordan, Drake. They're only made for the best."

Featuring a satin lining and exclusive Jeff Hamilton patches, the jacket also displays a cartoon design of Ng's face, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Below, revisit the bold and head-turning San Francisco tie-dye shirt: