March 10, 2018


Weekly News Rap - March 9: Pharma Bro Sentenced, Oscars & Nunberg's Meltdown

A lot can go down in a week, so Fuse is teaming up with buzzing emcees to bring you Weekly News Rap, a rapid-fire summary of the week's news and trends. This week we got Last Squad Standing member StarrZ to spit the biggest headlines in under two minutes.

Watch and listen as StarrZ drops bars about former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg's media meltdown before moving on to Jordan Peele's historic Oscar win: "Switch the feel, Jordan Peele, that's a bigger deal / Yeah, he won an Oscar telling white people they steal."

StarrZ also shares his thoughts on Tory Lanez losing his Nicki Minaj album feature and name-drops inspiring women in honor of Women's History Month. The emcee gives a special shoutout to "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli, who got busted for securities fraud and conspiracy convictions.

"Shout to Martin Shkreli, He the dummy of the year / Conviction, you a fraud, so now you gotta pay a bill / Yeah, judges hit him hard, told him cough up seven mil / All this for a Wu album, you got it, now you paid for it."

For more on this year's Oscars, watch Fuse correspondent Lee Chin hit the streets to drop knowledge about Hollywood's lack of Latinx inclusion: