March 29, 2018


#TBT 2013: DJ Jazzy Jeff Looks Back at Iconic 'He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper' LP

On this fateful day in 1988, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince unleashed hip-hop's first double album, He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper. In honor of the iconic LP turning 30, this week's #TBT features Fuse's 2013 sit-down with DJ Jazzy Jeff himself, who discussed the album's recording process and how dope it was to see fans still appreciating the project years later.

"We recorded the album in London, and I had a broken leg, and I had a cast from my hip to my ankle," he recalls. "A lot of the songs were made in the hotel room, and we just took them to the studio and, basically, recorded them and mixed them...I don't think you ever think, when you're doing something like this, that it's going to be 25 years old—and people are going to recognize it."

The Philly native also addressed his and Will Smith's 1989 GRAMMYs boycott. Despite snagging the award for Best Rap Performance that year, the duo felt disrespected by the committee's refusal to recognize the category on television.

"For you to do something and take it serious...and somebody to basically kind of disrespect it or discredit it, we felt that we had to take a stance. So we boycotted," Jeff says.

Below, throw it back to 2012 when fellow East Coast legend RZA talked The Man With the Iron Fists and potential plans for a Wu-Tang Clan reunion project: