March 9, 2018


Nick Cannon Shakes Up a Tropical Mai Tai, Talks Feel-Good New Single 'Only You'

With summer creeping up, Nick Cannon is here to help us turn all the way up. In the latest edition of Fuse's Behind the Bar series, the rapper/actor shows off his own version of a mai tai—appropriately called Mai Time To Turn Up—while diving into the details of his new single, "Only You."

"A mai tai feels tropical. It feels like something you'd drink on a yacht, and when I was making the song, it was like, 'This feels like something you could dance to on a yacht,'" the California native explains, measuring out fruit juices and orgeat (a "fancy word for almond syrup").

"I like my liquor like I like my women," Cannon jokes, breaking out a bottle of Cachaça straight from Brazil. He then moves on to "the OG" ingredient, rum, while shouting out the OG himself—Fat Joe.

"I got my OG, Fat Joe, on the song representing for all my Boricuas!" he says. "It's bringing that whole '90s vibe...It's about optimism. It's about empowerment. It's about excellence right now. People are ready to dance. People are ready to feel good."

Adding in a few generous dashes of different kinds of bitters, Cannon finishes crafting his colorful concoction with a fancy pineapple leaf garnish. Aaand cue the yacht music!

Fuse Media
Fuse Media

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