February 22, 2018


#TBT 2012: Skylar Grey on Eminem Having Her Back From Day One

Tomorrow marks the 32nd birthday of pop singer-songwriter Skylar Grey, who first turned heads in 2010 for penning Eminem's worldwide hit "Love the Way You Lie." In this week's installment of #TBT, we look back at Grey's 2012 Fuse interview, in which the singer discussed her career rebirth, the writing process behind "Love the Way You Lie," and the first time she ever crossed paths with Eminem.

Tasked with putting together a song for Dr. Dre, Grey had flown to Detroit a couple years back to meet the legendary rapper. "That's when I came up with 'I Need a Doctor,' and that's the first time I met Eminem—in the studio for that song."

Despite being "totally intimidated" by Marshall Mathers, Grey reveals that Em had her back from the get-go, insisting that she stay on the song's hook despite talk of featuring a bigger name. "Marshall actually said, 'No, we're not taking her voice off of the song,' that day in the studio," she recalls.

Below, check out a #TBT moment from 2011 when Eminem and Royce da 5'9" discussed the reunion of their duo, Bad Meets Evil: