February 24, 2018


Meet a Different Side of iKON: The Band Reacts to 'Love Scenario' Success, Winter Olympians & Offbeat Requests

For more than a month, iKON has been completely owning the K-pop charts with their new single "Love Scenario" that comes from their newly released Return album. While the band has typically been known for their cool, bad-boy image, their sophomore LP reveals the septet's more reflect sides and inner insecurities over beds of smooth hip-hop and R&B. Throughout the record we hear the guys craving connection despite their shortcomings on the deceivingly upbeat "Love Me," tell their girl they know she loves another guy on the mournful "Just Go" and humbly try to appreciate a failed love on their piano-led, hip-hop hit "Love Scenario." iKON leader B.I wrote and produced on each track with his solo song "One and Only" marking a truly raw moment on the LP to discuss blazing his own K-pop path over making safe, chart-friendly music.

Just like their album shows a different side of themselves, iKON took some time to have fun with Fuse and answer questions that showcased A Different Side of iKON. In this exclusive interview, the band discuss their relationship with and admiration for their "great bro" PSY (who co-wrote on the pop track "Everything") as well give the stories behind different songs on the album (including why B.I was inspired to record a solo track). 

Plus, the band takes a moment to let loose with Fuse, showcasing talents they've never shown anywhere before as well tell ghost stories and show which band member gives the best hugs, as inspired by their Return track "Hug Me." You've never seen iKON like this before. 

Watch the full interview above and then check out the "Love Scenario" music video below:

Next up, get an inside tour at iKON's record label YG Entertainment in Seoul, Korea below with TaeyangCL and more: