January 19, 2018


Young M.A, MILCK & Everyday Women Speak Out: Solidarity, Empowerment & Being Fearless

It was just one year ago when we witnessed hundreds of thousands take to the streets for the world's first-ever Women's March, an inspiring movement advocating for the simple belief that "women's rights are human rights." In honor of the crusade's anticipated return this weekend, Fuse gathered empowering messages of solidarity from Young M.AMILCK and everyday women across New York City.

"Honestly, I believe women are just powerful in general," Young M.A tells Fuse. "I know it's a lot of women who have a lot of insecurities who probably believe they're not good enough or not strong enough...and I just want my women to understand that we can be just as powerful and just as strong."

Singer-songwriter MILCK, whose breakout song "Quiet" delivered an intrepid rallying cry at last year's Women's March, stressed the importance of finding a strong, clear voice for yourself. 

"We can speak up in little ways everyday for ourselves," she explains. "It's taking those little moments of stances, those little stances for ourselves. With my songwriting, I try to be that fearless and that instinctual with every lyric I write."

Check out the full video above, and don't miss Fuse's We Stand With Women marathon airing all day Saturday, January 20! Below, watch Sevyn Streeter explain why "womens' faces just light up" whenever they hear Beyoncé's name: