December 28, 2017


#TBT 2013: Juicy J Talks Three 6 Mafia Setbacks, Refuses to 'Live in the Past'

This week's #TBT episode spotlights the one and only Juicy J, who spoke to Fuse back in 2013 about meeting Wiz Khalifa on Twitter, the future of Three 6 Mafia, and staying relevant in the rap game.

On what's in store for his Academy Award-winning rap group, the Memphis native kept it pretty blunt. "It's up to the label, man. They shelved the group 'cause a couple of the records didn't really just work to the standards of Three 6 Mafia's success. So it's really up to Columbia Records what they wanna do."

Despite setbacks with Three 6 Mafia, Juicy continues to hit the studio and move forward with his own material. "A lot of people live in the past...I don't do all that. I just go with the flow. If it's 2013, I'm living in 2013. I'm not living in '98," he explains. "You get to thinking about the past and how you did stuff in the past, you'll start really living in the past...I go with the present."

Rubba Band Business, Juicy J's fourth studio album, dropped earlier this month and features the likes of Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ignA$AP Rocky and Tory Lanez. Below, keep the throwback vibes going with Juicy's exclusive performance of "Show Out" at the Fuse studio: