November 2, 2017


#TBT 2014: Sam Smith Recalls Hugging Sting, Talks Concept Behind Debut Album

It's been over three years since Sam Smith graced our ears with the gut-wrenching tunes of In the Lonely Hour, his breakthrough debut album that featured hits "Stay With Me," "Leave Your Lover" and "I'm Not the Only One." In this week's #TBT, take a look back at Fuse News' sit-down with Smith, who discussed the inspiration behind the chart-topping album.

"I've never been in a relationship myself...and I really wanted to tackle head-on those emotions," the British singer explains. "I've spent my whole life listening to songs about love and the turmoils of relationships—and not being able to relate. I wanted to make the album that I never had as a kid."

Smith also revealed how "ridiculous" it was to meet industry legends Mary J. Blige and Sting, who was apparently extremely, extremely friendly.

"We were all just chilling out in the dressing room," Smith recalls. "They were just really complimentary. Sting just gave me a massive hug after I sang. It's just mental."

Be sure to check out Smith's long-awaited sophomore album, The Thrill of It All, out November 3. Below, keep the throwback vibes going with a 2014 snippet from Bonnaroo, where he discussed his No. 1 album, coming out, and collaborating with Blige: