October 19, 2017


#TBT 2012: Jessie Ware Says Katy Perry 'Smelled Delicious' the First Time They Met

Five years ago, Jessie Ware dropped her Mercury Prize-nominated debut album, Devotion, to widespread critical acclaim. In this week's episode of #TBT, we revisit the soul singer's 2012 interview detailing her amusingly low expectations for the project and how her newfound success led her to Katy Perry.

"I was gonna have a record out, and I was gonna be able to keep it. And I'd have a nice picture of me on the front, so I could show my grandkids that when I look all fat and old and wrinkly," Ware says of her initial reaction. "And then [the album] did alright! My ambition was just to like the album myself and for my friends to like it."

Ware apparently also caught the attention of Perry, whom she was introduced to at The Weeknd's first U.K. show. Recalling the surreal experience, she said the "Teenage Dream" singer "smelled of vanilla" while praising Ware's music. Perry later tweeted support for the British songstress, making the whole situation even more memorable.

Below, keep the throwback vibes going with a 2014 snippet of Ware discussing her brother-sister relationship with Sam Smith: