October 6, 2017


Watch Jasmine Thompson Speak in Emojis Describing ‘Wonderland' EP, Florence Welch Collab Dreams

Recently releasing visuals to "Words," the seventh track of her Wonderland EPJasmine Thompson stopped by Fuse to chat in emojis... literally. While playing a quick game of I Speak Emojis, the UK-based singer/YouTube star describes her music, reveals her favorite artist and fills us in on her unreleased track "Girls." 

After returning to London from LA a couple of months ago, the 16-year-old musician was inspired to write a new song after feeling a little intimidated. "I came back to London having a very negative view on myself and really jealous of people and I hate getting jealous," she shares. "It's like the worst feeling to have... I'm trying to get over it. So I wrote a song called 'Girl' and that's basically what it's about."

When asked what song she would never cover, Thompson admitted she wouldn't do rap legend Snoop Dogg any justice because she can't rap. Watch the full interview above to find out which funny emojis she uses to describe the rapper and why she wants to work with Florence Welch.

Speaking of Florence Welch, let's throw it back to 2010 Voodoo Experience where the lead vocalist of Florence + The Machine talked to Fuse about the music artists and styles she grew up with and what inspired her to start making music.