August 7, 2017


Waterparks Play Draw That Band, Praise Good Charlotte, Say They Trust Their Advice

When Waterparks stopped by Fuse we asked the trio to play a quick game of Draw that Band and it was pretty hilarious.  

Labeling the one man teams, The Good Team, Other Team and Sad Face—lead vocalist and guitarist, Awsten kicked off the challenge with an arrow in a heart writing drummer Otto's name inside. While we all wondered which potential band it could be, Otto immediately nailed the illustration and expressed his love for The Black Parade (hint) band mentioned. 

Watch the Houston natives talk receiving valuable insight and advice from Good Charlotte, which well-known bassist recorded bass on their Cluster EP and touring with All Time Low worldwide. Play along if you're up for the challenge and see who nabs the most points. 

Below, watch Waterparks take our Which Classic Pop-Punk Band Are You? quiz: