June 29, 2017


#TBT 2009: Jay-Z Says Barack Obama's Election 'Changes Everything'

Two weeks ago, Jay-Z threw Twitter into a frenzy after posting a mysterious Dropbox link. The link directed fans to a video of former president Barack Obama inducting Hov into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, proving just how much the two legends respect one another.

As we approach the release of Jay's highly anticipated 4:44 album, revisit the Brooklyn native's 2009 interview with Fuse, during which he reflected on the impact of Obama's election on black citizens' futures.

"It felt like [Black people in America] were included in the process for the first time ever. And I don't know if that changes anything, but the hope of that changes everything," Jay says.

The hip-hop mogul went on to express how important it is to hold onto that sense of hope. "We've seen the possibility of our numbers right now, so sooner or later, it may have real change...When a kid grows up, you tell him, 'Man, you can be the president of the free world.'"

For another throwback Hov moment, watch the rapper discuss the state of hip-hop and the genre's need to become more conscious: