June 18, 2017


Lil Dicky Explains 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'–ish Rapper TV Show He's Making

Over some arts and crafts and summer camp talk with Fuse at Firefly Music Festival 2017, rapper/comedian Lil Dicky told us what to expect from the TV show he's been working on for a couple years and will start pitching to networks in the next few weeks:

"It's very much kind of the story of my life. It's not gonna be exactly like Curb Your Enthusiasm by any means, but imagine a Curb Your Enthusiasm where the protagonist is a 29-year-old rapper. ... It's the life of a rapper, but more of the like, when he's not onstage type of...maybe he's just going on a date."

The "Ex-Boyfriend" artist and 2016 XXL Freshman Class member tweeted to a fan in July 2015 that he'd begun writing his series. "It will be the best show on TV. Tentatively named Rap."

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