June 18, 2017


Watch Franz Ferdinand Quiz Each Other on Bad Habits, Guilty Pleasures & Cuss Words

Fuse was behind the scenes at the 2017 Firefly Music Festival with legendary rock band Franz Ferdinand, and the Scottish group—who recently introduced two new faces—found out just how well its members know each other.

Quizzing one another on random topics like favorite snacks, bad habits and more, the guys wrote down their guesses before the correct answer was revealed. When asked, "What's Dino doing before a set?" (Answer: Drink exactly half a bottle of beer), replies ranged from "putting his ears in" to "putting his snakeskin boots on."

After bassist Bob Hardy discussed his guilty pleasures, the band was quizzed on drummer Paul Thomson's most noticeable bad habit. Shamelessly admitting that he picks his nose, Thomson was accused of also being too...kind? D'aww.

Watch the hilarious interview above to also find out frontman Alex Kapranos' favorite cuss word, which he assures everyone that he never, ever uses to describe women.

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