June 21, 2017


Dillon Francis Hints at Working With Brendon Urie Again

Dillon Francis is "having a blast" being an indie artist at the moment—though he admits he's "never thought about it like that" until we chatted with him at 2017 Firefly Music Festival, where he shared the perks of working on his own terms.  

"It's just easier in terms of being able to release music when I want to. I don't have to wait for any schedule or whatever their plan is or whatever they want to do. I'm kind of on my own terms in whatever video I want to make or however I want to promote it. To me it's better, it's way better because I already am so independent as an artist in terms of my social media, the way I make music."

The DJ/producer labeled as the "funniest guy on Snapchat" jokes about the amount of time it took to record his latest and highly awaited EDM track "Say Less" featuring G-Eazy. "... If we consolidated the days it took to make the song fully it probably would have been around five to seven days to finish the song, but it took two years and seven days," the L.A. native explains. "So once we got in the studio it unfolded into a beautiful musical fun amazingness."    

Watch Dillon tease a collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, Brendon Urie and Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low as well as going back to his moombahton roots on his forthcoming 10-track EP.  

Next, throw it back to 2014 when we were first introduced to the quirky, forward-thinking EDM producer:

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