May 17, 2017


Amir Obè on His First Major Label Release 'NØTÇW,' Calls It 'A Very Personal Record'

A year after releasing Won't Find Love in the HillsAmir Obè has returned with his debut EP under Def Jam NØTÇW (None of the Clocks Work). The rapper stopped by to discuss his path of contributing with Drake for "Star67" to being signed to Def Jam. 

“Co-producing with Drake was a real dope process. Him just reaching out kind of validated what I was doing at the time," the 27-year-old tells Fuse. "We just sent ideas back and forth, didn’t force anything and just, you know, we came out with that and it was a dope song.”

Despite his departure from Atlantic Records and being an independent artist since 2014, Obè has given the industry a second go-round and details Def Jams support on the seven-track project. 

“Releasing this project through Def Jam has been—I mean—a new experience this is my first really major release. The fact that we have the support and just a lot hands on it as far as marketing and like sharing with the world so it's definitely a great look to have you know more people pushing it and having the great support.”

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