May 8, 2017


All Time Low Reflect on Darker Times on Upcoming 'Last Young Renegade' Album

With over a decade of material under their belts, All Time Low are set to shake things up with their seventh studio album this June. Titled Last Young Renegade, the 10-track LP features a thematic shift from the band's previous projects evident in singles "Life of the Party" and "Last Young Renegade."

"Last Young Renegade is my favorite record we've ever made, for sure," frontman Alex Gaskarth tells Fuse. "We've gone through a lot getting to where we are now, and I think a lot of that story we've never told—some of the darker times, some of the times when we had self-doubt...We kind of got a little more creative with the story on this record. I think there's a big overarching theme on the album and a lot of connective tissue between the songs."

"Even though this is a little bit darker, and thematically it's a little bit different, we're still shrouded around by a lot of positivity in previous records," drummer Rian Dawson adds.

The Maryland natives also praised the current music industry's increasing fluidity that encourages fans to explore multiple genres. "Growing listened to one thing, and if you told anyone that you listened to anything else, you were a poser."

Watch Fuse's full interview above, and then rewind to 2013 when All Time Low shared an on-set secret from the making of their "Backseat Serenade" video: