April 28, 2017


Why Zara Larsson Supports Teens Speaking Out About Politics

She's one of the greatest teenage musicians alive and one of the most influential teens out there and Zara Larsson is a major advocate of her fellow teens speaking out about what they're seeing happening in today's heated political climate.

"Of course teenagers have great ideas," the "So Good" singer tells Fuse. "I don't really understand some people on social medias that I see who preach that teenagers shouldn't speak about political things. Of course we should! I feel like it's so good that I open a teenage magazine and it's like, 'Oh my gosh! They're talking about the war in Syria!' We need to know because we are growing up. It's OK to take a break and not speak up on every single issue, but I will always back people up who do it. We do have power, and if we don't have it right now, we're going to have it someday."

Watch the full interview above and further see what Larsson is wise beyond her years in another interview where she talks about her growing confidence in the music industry: