April 27, 2017


A 16-Year-Old Austin Mahone Talks the Fan Pandemonium He Experienced in School: Watch

As part of our Teen Takeover Week, Fuse is looking back on our interviews with some of our favorite artists during their teenage years. Today is all about Austin Mahone and we have a timeline of the singer's growth, starting from 2012 with the then-16-year-old rising pop star who made it clear that he's not the next Justin Bieber.

During that time, Mahone was becoming a phenomenon—and it affected him in school. "This one time, this lady pulled me out of algebra class to do a news story on me during class. It was just really weird," he tells us. Then, we fast forward to 2014 where the singer reflects on his most embarrassing moment (it involved water skiing). But would he do his teenage years all over again? Watch above to find out!

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Next, bring it up to speed with our most recent interview with Austin Mahone where he discusses his strong affinity for R&B and new ForMe+You mixtape: