March 17, 2017


Why Russ Considers Drake & Kanye His 'Sparring Partners'

Ever since breaking into the industry, Russ has found himself struggling to connect with and find inspiration with his musical peers. That is, except for Drake and Kanye West—two artists the "Losin Control" singer-songwriter-producer continues to be wowed by. 

"I've just always felt like my sparring partners were Drake and Kanye," the latest Fuse First artist shares. "I was looking at those people, not as rivals, but like, 'Y'all are what make me want to get better.' I think those two people, still to this day, do stuff that musically and creatively that's super impressive...I'm not just not that impressed by a lot of people anymore."

Watch above for more from Russ including why his fanbase and the reaction he gets at shows are indication of what's to come and below see him explain the origins of rising single "Losin Control." 

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