February 20, 2017


Max Parrot Talks Love of Flume, Kygo & 'Pushing Limits' Before Taking First Place at Air + Style 2017

When Fuse talked to Max Parrot at Shaun White's Air + Style festival, the three-time X Games champion wasn't feeling sure about his ranking at the Los Angles competition after saying he hadn't done well at the Beijing iteration despite winning the title at the Innsbruck, Austria stop. Spoiler alert: There was nothing to worry about—the Quebec native won the title.

Before taking gold, the 22-year-old talked to Fuse about what music he plays when boarding (including "summery" music like Flume and Kygo) as well as how the sport keeps him on his toes.

"I'm the kind of guy that loves pushing the limits," he shares. "I love inventing new tricks. I've been inventing five or six new tricks in the past years. I just really love pushing limits. Here at Air + Style, it's always pretty hard to plan what you're going to do at a contest, because all the riders are good, all the riders pull down heavy tricks, and sometimes you have to change your plans last minute."

Watch the full interview above for more with Parrot and why he loves Air + Style. 

Stay tuned to Fuse for more on-the-ground coverage from Air + Style Festival. Below, check out fellow boarder Mark McMorris giving his tips for competing in Los Angeles: