January 19, 2017


#TBT 2012: Kid Rock Calls Too Much Political Correctness 'Scary'

As the eve of Donald Trump's inauguration falls on #TBT, we dug up Fuse's interview with one of the Republican Party's most high-profile supporters, Kid Rock.

The performer, who endorsed 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney at the time of the interview, spoke on the current political climate and why America has turned into a rather "scary place."

"I think the American Dream does exist, but it's getting to a scary place with so much political correctness," he said.

"You can have your viewpoints—whether you're Democrat or Republican or whatever it is—and still be cordial with someone and talk things out with them and express your viewpoints...There are some values that we were founded on, and it seems like people are trying to push them out the door."

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