January 23, 2017


'Jane the Virgin' Star Justin Baldoni Recalls Awkward Moment With Britney Spears

Many of us still want to fulfill our childhood dreams of meeting Britney Spears. Well Justin Baldoni had that chance on set of Jane the Virgin—but it didn't really go as planned. In this interview, the star of The CW's romantic-comedy revealed how things went down. Baldoni (who plays Jane's boss Rafael on the series) says he was a huge fan of Spears as a kid. 

But the actor was bummed out his character didn't have any on-screen time with the artist, who guest starred in Season 2. "A few of us who weren't in scenes with her came to watch. Because I had tweeted her and she tweeted me back, and I had gone up to her. So in my mind we're friends, but we weren't," he says with a laugh. "I gave her a big hug and I think I scared her...I just had this awkward moment of 'Did I just harass Britney Spears?'"

The actor continues to reveal a specific request for the show's writers and dives into some of the wildest fan theories he's heard so far. So what does he consider the weirdest conspiracy? "One person went really crazy and thought the sperm that Petra unfroze to inseminate herself with was actually my dad's." Gross!

Tune into Jane the Virgin's mid-season premiere tonight (Jan. 23) at 9/8c on The CW. To get you prepped, check Baldoni discuss his character's resilience prior to 2016's final episode of the show below: