December 1, 2016


#TBT 2009: Jay Z Wants Hip-Hop to 'Be More Conscious'

With 12 studio albums under his belt, Jay Z's been dropping bars for over two decades, inspiring millions with his rags-to-riches story. Speaking to Fuse back in 2009, the Brooklyn native explained how hip-hop's lyrical content has changed over the years.

"We came up out of circumstances where we never had anything, so our celebration was not bragging like, 'I have more money!' It was more of a celebration of 'I have money!'" he said.

But Hov also expressed the need for more diversity within the genre now that hip-hop has evolved.

"I think hip-hop has to be more conscious of what's going on...As hip-hop evolves, subject matter has to evolve as well. Now, 10 people have 'made it,' so it's not such a phenomenon anymore."

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